Prigma Edutech Solutions is a conception of NIT Jalandhar Alumni. It started with an intention of developing the technical skills through practical training & skill development programs and increasing the employ-ability of young engineering students in one of the most booming sectors of India.

Prigma is grown to its position as training and consulting firm on the basis of its service record, collaborative partnerships, innovation & corporate responsibilities.

Prigma has successfully completed more than 125 Training Programs in different colleges of 21 different States in India. During these workshop we shared our experience, knowledge with approximately 11,000 Young Minds. Our clients include India's Top notch colleges and corporate clients.

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 Prigma Edutech Solutions that we are looking at today did not come instantly or without suffering its share of risks. It took shape, tested by time, like any other natural phenomenon and still lots need to be done on it