Vehicle Overhauling

What is Vehicle Dynamics?

Vehicle Dynamics is an introductory program which is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of vehicle behavior while moving on any terrain.

How we are doing?

In this program, we do detailed discussions and experiments on vehicle dynamic motions and its behavior or feedback in order to understand various parameters involved and their effects on vehicle controllable, stability and comfort.This program contains following components: 

Tire and Chassis Dynamics

Suspension Setup and Tuning

Engine-Transmission Setup and Vibrations


Why should you join this program?

Every 4 out of 5 love to drive vehicle because it is interesting to respond to unexpected feedbacks that come from the vehicle while running. Every vehicle you see on the road is manufactured after ensuring its controllability, maneuverability, handling and comfort that we look for when we drive any vehicle. These aspects are not mere observations but outcome of many dynamic parameters employed together in vehicle. 

Few of common question that comes to every young Racing Enthusiast!!