Motorbike Overhauling Workshop

What is MotorBike Overhauling?

MotorBike Overhauling is an introductory program on Bike Design and dismantling. Which is designed to provide introductory aspects on Bike designing and dynamics.

How we are doing?

In this program, we do complete dismantling of Bike and Mopeds to look into detailing of parts and understanding their functioning.This program contains following components: 

  • Bike Designing Aspects
  • Bike Dynamics and Balancing
  • Advancements

Why should you join this program?

Motorbikes are always the attractively engineered piece since its discovery and evolved by the time into different characters as per human choice. While getting involved with MotorBikes, we always find some interesting question related to its engineering, dynamics and many more.


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