Diesel Hybrid

What is Diesel Hybrid?

Diesel Hybrid is an introductory program on Diesel Engine Design and dismantling. Which is designed to provide introductory aspects on Diesel Engine designing and dynamics

How we are doing?

In this program, we do complete dismantling of Diesel Engine to look into actual parts that give pragmatic exposure and detailed understanding rather than just imagination. This program contains following components:

  • Engine Conceptualization
  • Engine Dismantling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advancements

Why should you join this program?

The engine is a heart of any automobile and very complicated 'Engineered Piece' that always encourage automobile enthusiasts to look into the design and its working. Engine or power units are under extensive research to achieve higher performance while satisfying emission norms. We feel that innovation in the field can be brought by exploring current systems.